Observation Slideshows

Over recent months we've been improving how we show observer's images. We started by building an ontology based around /observations. Every observation (e.g. this observation of spiral galaxy M65), observer (e.g. Whitchurch High School) and telescope (e.g. Faulkes Telescope South) has its own unique URI. This has made it easier to find, and share links to, observations taken with our network.

Today we've added a new slideshow feature to pages with collections of images. This means that on pages for observers, telescopes, recent images, trending images and popular images, you can get a full-window view of the observations and automatically cycle through the images in that collection. To get the slideshow click on the little slideshow icon beneath the search box (see diagram) or just add "/show" to the URL e.g. http://lcogt.net/observations/ogg/2m0a/show. The slideshow of recent images updates every 5 minutes so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest observations as they are taken.